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Last Thursday, Shopify Partners from every corner of the world descended on San Francisco for what was easily the most anticipated industry event in any of our calendars – Shopify Unite 2017. Even a city-wide power outage on Friday couldn’t dim the excitement that beamed from every single person in attendance as we listened to Keynote speakers, attended workshops, and mingled with friends new and old at the numerous social gatherings organized around the event.

We’re still processing all of the exciting takeaways from Unite, and while we could talk at length about the incredible features coming your way this year we thought we’d highlight our personal favourites.


There is a lot of behind the scenes work associated with releasing a new product, launching a marketing campaign, or hosting a flash sale, but the new Launchpad app for Shopify Plus allows merchants to automate these processes.

The Launchpad dashboard gives Shopify Plus merchants the ability to monitor analytics and event performance in real-time which, as a busy entrepreneur, is a major value-add. Having this information and functionality available at your fingertips is a huge benefit to our merchants and something that is oft-requested. Setting automated flash sales from your shop (automatic start/end times) and checking their performance in real-time means you could run a flash sale on your shop, as well as monitor its respective performance from the app, while laying on a beach. Who wouldn’t be interested in that?

- Mack Johnson, Director of Commerce

Price Rules API

In May, the Discount API will be phased out and replaced with the Price Rules API, giving Shopify Plus merchants the ability to fully customize discounts with any number of conditions such as BOGO sales, volume discounts, shipping rate discounts, etc. This inherent functionality in the back-end gives merchants the flexibility to increase conversions easily without coding headaches or costly third-party applications.

The new Price Rules API adds some welcome improvements to how Shopify manages and generates discounts. Developers now have the ability to isolate discounts to specific products, variants, collections and customers just to name a few. The new API presents many new possibilities for creating custom promotions tailored to a merchants business needs and user base. The amount of control the API provides is amazing and I look forward to using it in the future.

- Chris Aziz, App Developer


Polaris is a UX platform that gives third-party app developers the tools and resources to style their interface on the Admin to maintain a consistent look, feel, and voice as all of Shopify’s products. With Shopify’s redesign of their dashboard coming later next month, this will give developers the ability to offer a seamless experience to merchants using their app. It also includes valuable resources for writing support documentation that merchants can understand, which, let’s be honest, isn’t always a skill that comes naturally for the technically inclined.

A very impressive suite of resources for designers and developers alike that is sure to supercharge anyones workflow. I was very excited to get back from the conference and dig into Polaris. Along with this it also appears that Shopify is working on their own custom typeface, Shopify Sans. Very exciting. I love everything about it, the new colour palette, illustrations. Home run in my books, this is going to make working on the platform easier and more fun.

- Ryan Blaind, Director of Design

Shopify Pay

As an agency that focuses heavily on the mobile experience for our merchants, the introduction of Shopify Pay to accelerate the checkout process is a game changer. Now customers shopping on any Shopify-hosted commerce site can access their payment and shipping details simply by entering a six-digit code sent to their mobile device. By using this new feature, the checkout is reduced from 16 fields down to only 2.

From a development standpoint, our goal is to always maximize conversions for our merchants and simplifying the buying journey for the customer is invaluable for accomplishing this. By improving the checkout process, Shopify Pay will ensure merchants are providing a seamless experience to their customers.

- Cory Holmes, Developer

There is a great summary on the Shopify blog that outlines the exciting announcements that were made over the two-day Unite conference, or you can watch the Keynotes in the video below. It’s going to be an exciting year in the world of Shopify, and we could not be more proud to be a part of it all.

(Pay particular attention around the 13:00 mark and you might just spot some familiar faces 👋 )

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