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Maximize Your Conversions with a few simple tips

Often times, when a business experiences a lag in conversions the first thought is "We need to increase traffic". While this may be true, there is a very good chance you have all the traffic you need and just a few small improvements to your overall site could be just the ticket to see those sales soar. We've put together our top ecommerce conversion tactics that will help you get there. 


Having an About Us page that defines your company values, mission, and the people behind the brand helps to establish a rapport with your customer and builds trust not just in your product but also in the company selling it. Including your privacy policy, shipping & returns policy, and an FAQ also assures the customer that they’re buying from a credible source. Talk about why you started the business, your commitment to customer satisfaction, and the passion behind what you do. 


You’ve put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into your website and years of hard work into your business – don’t let this get overshadowed by subpar photos that leave your customers scratching their heads. Your images should be high-quality and show real people using your product, as well as the product itself from all angles. This is your chance to really show off, so don’t skimp on quality. In the world of ecommerce where customers don’t have the opportunity to physically handle your product, these photos serve as a virtual experience. If there are unique features or details be sure to include these in the image gallery along with the available colour options.  

Wild Leaf Tea - Example of Beautiful Ecommerce Product Photography

If a professional photographer isn’t in your budget there are lots of great tutorials available online to help you take your own product images (we recommend “The Ultimate DIY Guide to Beautiful Product Photography” from the Shopify blog to get you started).


Not all customers shop the same way, so your product descriptions should provide necessary information in both a summary and detailed format. While some customers already know what they're looking for and are satisfied with bullet points highlighting the most important features, others will appreciate an in-depth summary of the product and its benefits. Think not only about the specific features of your items, but how they will benefit your customer and be a worthwhile investment. 

Unique product descriptions are also important for SEO purposes. Not only do search engines not recognize images in their rankings, you will be penalized for simply copy and pasting from the manufacturer’s website. Adding a little personality never hurt either!


Although mobile users account for over half of the traffic to ecommerce websites, conversions still primarily occur on desktop – but this trend is slowly shifting (Business Insider predicts that m-commerce will represent 45% of the total US ecommerce market by 2020). Historically, the mobile experience has left much to be desired with non-responsive pages, impossible to read product descriptions, and a checkout process that hinges on nightmarish.

An exciting new announcement from Shopify is the launch of Shopify Pay, which reduces the mobile checkout process from 16 fields to just 2 and saves the customer’s payment information for future purchases. Merchants are also equipped with responsive layouts, included with most themes, meaning your website will look amazing regardless of the device it’s being viewed on. 


It’s no secret that word of mouth is one of the most efficient (and cost effective) forms of marketing, which is why incorporating this form of social proof on your product pages can increase your conversions dramatically (a study by Dimensional Research indicates that 90% of customer’s buying decisions are influenced by reading positive online reviews). Not only does it stand to earn you more sales, but providing reviews also boosts your SEO ranking by maintaining fresh page content.

There’s a great post on the Shopify blog about why you should consider adding product reviews on your site that we’d highly recommend reading to get started.


The primary appeal of ecommerce is the convenience – you can quickly access hundreds of thousands of products, from anywhere in the world, at the click of a button, and have your purchase delivered directly to your door. Make the buying experience even more straightforward by implementing smart search functionality into your store. As your customer starts typing in the search field, the smart search app will show relevant products along with suggestions, images, and prices. Easy to find products + less steps to checkout = high probability of conversion.

To amp up your UX even further, check out our recent blog post about what apps our team of ecommerce experts suggest to kick your sales into high gear 🔥

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