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Over the past several years Shopify has gained significant traction in the commerce space, which Magento has dominated for some time, and for good reason. As a small business owner, you have enough on your plate without having to learn complicated back-end solutions, fuss with rigid theme layouts, and commit valuable resources to managing your store that could be supporting more profitable initiatives for your business.

With Magento 1.0 slowly being phased out and merchants being pushed into 2.0 by the end of 2018, there hasn’t been a better time to re-evaluate the needs of your business and how your commerce solution could be better serving them.

Some important points to consider about Magento and what moving to 2.0 might mean for you:

  • While the end of 2018 may seem far off, migrating your Magento site to 2.0 is a 6-9 month commitment, meaning the time to start considering options is now (as reference, our average time to migrate a Magento site to Shopify Plus is 3.5 months, which includes design time)
  • The cost of replatforming to 2.0 can cost anywhere from $100-$300k when you take into account costs such as developers, architects, third party technologies, hosting, and infrastructure
  • Everything on Magento is custom, meaning you’ll need a developer on staff or an agency to manage the design and development of your site
  • Magento security breaches are so common that in February 2017 alone seven security patches were released. In 2015, over 10,000 Magento sites were victim to the Guruncsite malware, forcing Google to blacklist almost all of them within the first 90 days of the breach

So, why Shopify Plus? Here are just a few reasons.

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The way customers shop has evolved, with more and more purchases being made via mobile device. With Shopify Plus your products can be purchased with ease, whether your customer is on a desktop, mobile device, or tablet. Add even more visibility by selling on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and many other marketplaces using their built-in integrations.


The Shopify Plus platform is built for explosive growth, which means you can stop worrying about downtime even during traffic spikes and holiday rushes. Combine that with 99.99% uptime and no limits to sales volume, products, or bandwidth and it’s easy to see why this is the ideal platform for your thriving business.


Don’t lose sleep worrying about the security of your site – Shopify Plus is fully PCI Level 1 Compliant, using the same level of security your bank uses, to make sure your customer data is always safe.  


From the homepage straight through to the checkout page, Shopify Plus gives you the flexibility to keep your brand front and center. Custom URLs and responsive layouts give you full control of your user experience from start to finish.


Shopify’s existing 24/7 support via online chat, email, and phone is given the white glove treatment with a priority phone number and email address to get you the answers you need when you need them – even during high volume times. Shopify Plus merchants are also assigned a dedicated Account Manager who is as passionate about the success of your business as you are.

Migrating your Magento storefront to Shopify Plus is the secret weapon your company needs to edge out the competition, and they’re sweetening the deal with 6 free months on a full-priced 2-year account. Give us a holler to talk about the benefits of Shopify Plus and how we can work with you to set your business up for success.

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