Our Expertise

Being one of the top-reviewed Shopify Plus experts is not a coincidence – our team of skilled designers and developers bring years of experience to the table. We partner with brands to bring their stories to life through creative design, innovative thinking, and a heck of a lot of passion.

Commerce Strategy

We believe that your success is our success, and focused strategy is critical in achieving this. Our process focuses on the entire customer experience in order to make the buyer journey as simple, intuitive, and consistent as possible.

  • market research
  • brand and identity planning
  • platform migration consulting
  • erp integrations
  • information architecture


A succinct visual and verbal message that communicates the value of your company. One that is recognizable, relatable, and builds trust with your customer. Whether you’re just starting out or need a bit of a refresh, we’ll make your story a bestseller.

  • creative direction
  • positioning and messaging
  • logo & identity
  • style guide
  • brand book

UX / Design

Our team will design an unparalleled online experience and stunning first impression for your customers, setting you apart from your competitors. We will implement best practices and current trends to design a beautiful, easy to navigate, and impossible to forget website.

  • content strategy
  • systems design
  • prototypes
  • wireframes
  • user flows


Our development team will bring the design to life seamlessly, rendering beautifully on modern browsers, mobile, and tablet. Improving functionality by leveraging third party integrations or building custom tools is what we do best – throw us a curveball and we’ll knock it out of the park.

  • theme development
  • shopify plus scripts
  • custom widgets
  • app development
  • app integrations

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Our Process

Whether you’re starting from scratch, migrating to Shopify from another platform, or in need of a refresh, you can trust our team to be as passionate about your project as you are. Making you stand out from the competition is what we do best.


This initial phase of your project is vital, as it forms the basis for all design and functionality decisions as we move forward. We will combine our in-house competencies with information gathered from your team and key stakeholders to create a framework for your commerce success.


Our team will design a visually stunning experience for your customers that will translate beautifully across web, mobile, and social platforms. Best practices will be adopted to maximize conversion rates and design for changing consumer behaviour to create the best possible buyer experience.


This is where things really start to take shape as we integrate the design framework with the required functionality identified in Discovery. At the completion of this phase we’ll have created a user-friendly and accessible site that will render beautifully on all devices.

Quality Assurance

Prior to deploying the final website, we conduct a variety of tests to ensure it is cross-browser compatible and to evaluate its performance. Content is reviewed by our team and the client to ensure everything is perfect before making the website live.

Post Launch

We take a relationship-centric approach to our work, and will never make you feel like simply a transaction. Our projects are partnerships and as such we are here to assist you along the way, refining where necessary to create the best possible experience for your customers.

Post Launch Success

With rapid advancements being the only real constant when it comes to technology, use our knowledge to fuel your commerce success. We won’t vanish into thin air the moment your site goes live – our team is at the ready to make sure your site is always running at peak efficiency.

  • ongoing design support
  • new feature recommendations
  • third party app integrations
  • update Shopify theme functionality
  • css & styling changes


In a perfect world, it would be as easy as hitting publish on your new website and watch the sales roll in. While we all know that isn’t the case, it’s no reason to panic. Our team will work with you to put together an à la carte strategy that suits your business needs.

  • social media design
  • branded email marketing templates
  • conversion rate optimization
  • search engine optimization
  • analytics

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We specialize in building beautiful commerce websites, and we do it exceptionally well. We are a design and UX-first company and we don’t deal in mediocrity. We know what we’re doing and you can be confident in knowing we’re as dedicated to your project as you are.

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Do you use a multi-platform system to handle inventory (ex: Channel Advisor)?

Have you had custom development work done to your shop in the past to integrate specific features?

Do you have any customer-specific information to migrate (transfer store credits, outstanding gift cards, etc)?

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