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A Winning Experience
On And Off the Field

Combining the Ottawa RedBlacks, Ottawa Fury, and Ottawa 67s team shops on one Shopify storefront was no small request, but when it comes to finding creative solutions to unique challenges, we remain undefeated.


  • Shopify Plus Integration
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Custom App Integrations
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Your Jersey, Your Way

Rep your favourite player in style. We integrated custom functionality into the Ottawa RedBlacks shop to allow personalization of jerseys.

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All About Teamwork

The RedBlacks admin team relies heavily on Salesforce for their CRM needs. Thanks to Shopify Plus, we were able to sync their sales information from their storefront directly to their CRM, eliminating the need for any duplicate work in fulfilling orders.

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Buy From the Comfort of Your Seat

Whether you’re settled in at home or watching from the edge of your seat at the game, all your favourite gear is at your fingertips with this state of the art mobile experience.

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From The Client

“We approached Pointer to build three unique team shops using one Shopify Plus account, which is not as straightforward as it sounds. They were able to engineer a seamless solution, as well as integrate our Salesforce ERP needs. I would highly recommend Pointer to anyone looking for an organized group of experts who can collaborate on projects that require creative solutions on the front and back-end.”

Adrian Sciarra

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